Brendan McMahon EqDT, Equine Dental Services

Equine AcademyHaving grown up in Ireland and years of travelling the world, I now live in Germany close to the Dutch border , and my services cover Germany, Holland and Belgium. Travel to the UK is possible where treatment is cost effective. Please browse my website and learn more about me, my services, and the guarantee that the health and well-being of your horse or pony is my first priority. Couple this with the satisfaction that your horses teeth are being cared for by not only a proven horseman, but a highly skilled Equine Dentist who has been trained by the best regarding all equine disciplines.

Maintaining a healthy mouth is a must, especially in this day and age of "hard feeds". No equine is too young or too old to be seen by a qualified equine dentist, who can adjust their level of work to suit the individual horse needs and requirements.

I explain all that I do in easy to understand language and provide you with a Horse Dental Evaluation Sheet to keep as a record of my visit and the work carried out. It also gives you an indication of further treatment and when best to visit you next according to your equines individual dental requirements.

Being an Equine Dentist is the best job in the world. I am truly privileged, not only have I a job that is rewarding and enjoyable but I also get to do something that is of paramount importance to every horse I visit. I love it!

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